We make robots play soccer by themselves. With a team of Bachelor and Master Artificial Intelligence students from the University of Amsterdam and the Maastricht University we compete in several international competitions throughout the year. We program our robots in advance of the matches to use their cameras as eyes and their network capabilities as their communication while no remote control is used during the match. For more specific information check out our blog posts or maybe even our publications.

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  • Website overhaul

    We are redesigning the website!

    After a few attacks on our old Wordpress site, we’ve decided to switch to a statically generated website. We’ve kept forgetting to update our Wordpress install, and thus were prone to security breeches.

    So, we are going to change a lot. As you might have noticed, the website has a new design, which is not final yet.

  • Website overhaul

  • Qualification material for RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig!

    It’s been a while since our latest post, and lots of things have happened! Recently, we have been quite busy with two large projects. This post will be about one of them - the qualification for RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig!

    You can read our team qualification document, but maybe it is more interesting to see things in action and watch the YouTube clip from our channel, which is posted below:

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