Day 5 in Iran

Today we had our match against MRL. There was at first some confusion, because we thought we had to play Autman, but this proved not to be the case. We lost to them with 0-2, as they were superior both in walking speed and vision speed. This meant we had to win from the Chinese team to stay in the running. They had no working robots, but this match still ended in only a 1-0 victory for DNT. We were even very close to scoring an own goal, as we opted to played without a keeper to maximize our offense. But it was a victory none the less.

After the matches were done, there were the presentations for each team. Most of the teams showed their research here, which was very interesting. However, some teams only learned very late that they had to present something, so they were a bit unprepared. Our presentation also wasn’t that great, but at least we were there, and we were able to present a few interesting things like the Human Interface ( and Dynamic Tree Localisation.
After the presentations we were taken out to dinner in a very nice Iranian restaurant. Its interior was very nice, with high cusions instead of tables.
Here we discovered that the Iranian cuisine did consist mostly of kebab dishes (to the amusement of both us and our Iranian friends), but there was fish and a very nice dish with eggplant I forgot the name of too. Also, it was the anniversary of a girl in the Humboldt team, so we had some birthday cake.

All in all a great evening! 

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