Day 6 in Iran (better late than never)

Here is an update of our last day in Iran. It’s a bit late, because yesterday I really was too tired to write this all down, but here it is, so enjoy! In the morning we learned that we came in third in the research competition (despite Duncan skipping some slides with small remarks like “don’t know what this is”, “some formula’s I don’t understand”, among others). We also prepared a bit for our match against Autman (from Iran), though now we had only one working robot left. Needless to say, it was a massacre: we lost to them 6-0. After this, most of us just started walking around a bit to watch the other leagues, like the 2D-simulation and de-miner leagues. It was really great to see how much enthusiasm the visitors had for all the games. With all the cheering, it was almost as if this was a soccer match with human players! We also got some presents from the girls who helped us at the event. The guys got a leather armbands, and Inge got some really nice earrings. If any of you are reading this, then I really would like to thank you for making this a great event for all of us! We also had our own little soccer match, where our team proved to be unbeatable for once. Then it was time for the closing ceremony. This took very long (about 4 hours I think), and as we had so little sleep it was difficult to stay awake. Fortunately we were alerted to the fact that Duncan could collect our trophy for the research competition. After that it was time for group pictures. It was fun to see how they always started with just two or three people, and then grew until we had to stand on a wobbly tribune so everybody could fit. After that we returned to the hotel, dropped our bags, and, together with the people from the event, went to the mountains in taxis. There we had a walk, enjoyed the view and talked for a bit with our new Iranian friends. I realy enjoyed myself, but I was really tired. I only got about an hour of sleep that night, as the bus was waiting in front of the hotel at 4.30 already. I walked to the plane like a zombie and fell asleep, the lights of Tehran quickly dissapearing beneath me. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog as much as I did making it. Stay tuned for our adventures in Mexico this summer!


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