07th Apr 2014
When the Dutch Nao Team ate food at Schipol

Iran Open 2014: Rooz Yek

The Dutch Nao Team proudly enter Iran for the Iran Open 2014! Because I am lazy and because I installed a new GIF camera on my phone, this year’s posts...

02nd Jul 2013
DNT Property. Do not touch!

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Six

The finals are here! The crowd in the stadium is huge. It does feel like a real football match, mascot and everything. Since it was the last day in Eindhoven,...

30th Jun 2013
RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Five

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Five

So like I was saying, we’re pretty much out of the tournament. Yesterday we lost 2 of our pool matches. One of them was by a margin of 5 goals....

29th Jun 2013
The German waves to the Dutch Queen

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Four

You get a lot of respect around here when you qualify into the second round as top of the pool. Today, we heard that the American Northern Bites were actually...

29th Jun 2013
DNT ready for war.

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Three

Match Day!! We used the setup days to prepare for this well. We’re in a pool with rUNSWift and Mi-Pal. This is an eliminator pool, which means the worst team...

27th Jun 2013
Biggest poster in town!

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Two

This is the last setup day. This is also the first open day. Quite a nice crowd showed up today. Its cool when people think what we’re doing is cool....

26th Jun 2013
Chiel looking smart

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day One

When you know what you’re doing, setup days are quite meaningful. With the experience we had with the code in Tehran, we started with the calibration of walking, colour and...

25th Jun 2013
The Arena!

RoboCup 2013 Eindhoven: Day Zero

Greetings from Eindhoven! The home team has arrived! Hashtag RoboCup 2013! This years team is represented by: Patrick “Leader” de Kok, Giorgos “Traitor” Methenitis, Nikolaas “German” Steenbergen, Auke “Smarong” Wiggers,...

23rd Jun 2013

RoboCup 2013

11th Apr 2013
Post Iran Open 2013: Day 7

Post Iran Open 2013: Day 7

The last day in Iran is here. First task: Get our passports (not me, but everyone else. Because I’m awesome and maybe because my country still buys the oil here)....