The Dutch Nao Team gives demonstrations, workshops and lectures to share our knowldedge and to fund our travel expenses. All of the money we receive from these activities is used to cover the cost of participating in games all over the world.

Game Interface

During this demonstration is it possible to control an Aldebaran Nao with a Xbox controller. with this interface the robot turns into a football player completely controlled by it's user.

Autonomous football

We bring parts of our own field and let two robots schoot penalties. One robot tries to score while the other tries to intercept the ball. It' s also possible to participate yourself.

Human Interface Demonstration

During this demonstration is it possible to partly control the Nao robot by visual cues from moving ones arms. With the addition of Microsoft Kinect and a Wii-remote the robot can be completely controlled.

The talking robot

Do you have something to announce or a special message? Our robots could do this for you! We're able to bring a robot live or to record a message beforehand.

Custom demonstrations

Is the demo you are searching for not on this page? No problem! Our robots are available for requests.


We’ re not only able to show what a robot can do, it is also possible to show you how to program them. Depending on age and experience we can give different workshops. Walk the robot where you want, say what you want and make new dances to perform.


Do you want to know which techniques we use to make our robots autonomously play football, what’s relevant in the current frontier of artificial intelligence and robotics or maybe even hear how robots will change the future? We gladly give a lectures on location or in our own lab.